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Water Damage – Water damage restoration

If you have standing water in your premises, a certified water damage specialist should be called. Our certified specialists are equipped with large water removal machine that remove water damage quickly, minimizing your damage and loss.
  • Cleanup from broken pipes or lines, toilet overflow, storm damage
  • Air movers and dehumidifiers for carpet, tile, structural drying
  • Disinfecting (mold and mildew control)
  • Trained and IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Carpet and Tile Restorative Services
  • Complete Restoration and Cleanup Services Available

Water damage restoration

Drying a home or business is simply a matter of providing the proper amount of fast air movement to force the moisture out of the flooring, walls, ceiling. This moisture is then removed by large commercial dehumidifiers that collect the moisture and pumps it into your drain. Antimicrobial are applied to kill and prevent mold/mildew. This drying process usually takes 3-4 days to complete.

There is a 24 hour grace period before the mold and mildew will begin to use your carpet and carpet padding as a food source. After 48 hours, the carpet is only salvageable 50% of the time. After 72 hours, the carpet is no longer salvageable and mold has most likely started to grow inside the walls and other dark areas that have gotten wet.

Many customers are confused about the procedure for drying out a home. Most think that just by tearing out the carpet they have solved the problem and saved having to call a professional for carpet water damage extraction. This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. There is still an excessive amount of moisture present that will provide a breeding ground for mold if left unattended.

How does water damage happen?

One of the major applications is for the restoration of water damages in buildings, warehouses, houses etc. When a water leak damage or flood damage happens, there is a limit for draining the water. Even after the water is completely drained out, the whole place will be wet causing further water damages. In order to reduce the damages, the water has to be dried out immediately. Air heater is an obvious choice, but not the best one. If you use an air heater, the moisture dries out but there is no escape route for a high amount of moisture. You need to convert the moisture into the water and remove out of the closed area. As the air is continuously dried, the water affected areas and goods get dry too. Here you have 2 kinds of water damage:

What does a water damage restoration company do?

The water is one of the most important factors that are required in the house and it is essential for cleaning, cooking, drinking, washing and other purposes. As water is very important is widely used everywhere in the house and commercial areas that’s why water damage problems are common in most houses. The water damage is one of the common problems in the household that can lead to more damages and problems once occur at any place that is why it needed to be properly treated and reused. The water damage can occur anywhere in the house or walls and it needs proper treatment so that the water damages restoration services can solve for the long term. We provide water damage restoration services all over the U.S for commercial and residential places.

Water damage restoration services can be of different types and each one need a proper and detail solution like right analysis and detection of water damage for a right solution.

Internal Water Damage

As already mentioned, flooding can cause extensive damage and contamination in the affected areas of your home. However, nowhere is safe from condensation, burst pipes, or unseen leaks. This is especially true if the source of the leaking water is from the top of the building. Your insulation, dry wall, timber framing, electrical conduits, floors and ceiling will all suffer. Ceilings may collapse, and wooden floors and other timber structures will warp out of shape. The cost of repairing water damaged structures can be astronomical, so it’s important that you have your home checked, i.e. annually, and especially after violent storms.

External Water Damage

Homeowners often forget about external areas when it comes to potential water damage. If your land does not have sufficient drainage, you may face problems with plants, crops or landscaping being destroyed, sinkholes developing, as well as the constant presence of water affecting the outside structures of your home. If you live near a river or the coast, your home could be on borrowed time, too. When you consider that it was water that carved out the Grand Canyon, it’s worth thinking twice before building near expansive bodies of water. You do want your home to last, after all. Yes, water is a powerful and important resource – just make sure, that when it comes to your home, water is only ever a force for good.

Water Damage service:

Broken pipes water can cause a serious issue for your home. We have IICRC certified Water Technicians who will make use of our large water removal machines to help you get rid of all the standing water without causing any damage to your home.

Water Damage restoration cost

Common Water Damage problems and offers services

  1.  Cracked Mortar Joint Seepage: A common water damage problem, this is caused by the internal water leakage and resulting into the small and large cracks in the wall.
  2. Cove Joint Seepage: This is another type of water damage which is caused by the leakage of the water in the joint areas and water seeping through it.
  3. Cracked Floor Seepage: This is caused by the cracks in the ground caused by the internal leakage of the water underground due to water pipe breakage or the cracks in the underground water supply.
  4. Floor Drain Seepage: This is one of the common types of the water damage which results in the water not properly drained or the area of drainage is too wet and seepage due to long water interaction.
  5. Cracks Poured Foundation Seepage: In this case of water damage, the water comes out of the cracks in the foundation where the water supply may pass. This is one of the other common types and needs and expert crew in water damage restoration working on it.
  6. Over the Top of the Foundation Seepage: This type of the seepage comes out of the foundation of ceilings and the top layer of the foundation.
  7. Pipe Gap Seepage: The pipe gap is one of the see pages which comes from the gap between the pipes located anywhere in the room or house and this results due to the constant interaction of water from the pipe.
  8. Window Well Seepage: There is a type of seepage which is caused by the window space and location of the window with the outer place and weather.
Methods to Restore the Water Damage
  1. Repairing pipes
  2. Repairing the cracks and leakage which cause the damage
  3. Applying the paints and coats.


  • They cleaned our carpet on March 24th. They arrived on time (early actually) and we were very pleased with the job they did on our carpets, and the cost was very reasonable.
    Matthew W,
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE! The owners of this company take a lot of pride in making sure the results are very good. We used them for our whole house and we had a lot of pet smell issues that had accumulated over the last 15 years. We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.
    Chris S