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Have You Had Your Dryer Vent Cleaned This Year???

If you’re like most of our valued customers you’re concerned about the fire hazard caused by lint accumulations in the dryer vent and the dryer itself. Dryer vent cleaning will significantly reduce this fire hazard, giving you peace of mind. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to dry each load of laundry which saves you money on your electric bill.

If You Notice ANY Of The Following It Is Time To Schedule A Cleaning:
  • Damper (flapper) on exhaust termination barely opens when dryer is on.
  • Clothes are damp or hotter than usual at the end of the cycle.
  • Laundry room feels warmer or more humid than normal.
  • Clothes take an unusually long time to dry.
  • Dryer is producing airflow, but no heat.
  • Outside of dryer is unusually hot.
  • It has been over a year since you had your dryer vent cleaned.

Is Vent Cleaning Really Necessary?

Most homeowners fail to include dryer vent maintenance or cleaning on their list of yearly maintenance service calls.The cost of a dryer vent cleaning can pay for itself in as little as 3-6 months in energy savings alone. Just because your dryer seems to be working fine is definitely not a good reason to put off having it cleaned.

Dryer vents are one of those “hidden” maintenance items that is often forgotten. The old adage; “out of sight – out of mind” really holds true when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. Unfortunately, neglecting this one simple yearly maintenance can produce harmful and in some instances, even fatal results. Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Keeping your lint trap clean after every drying cycle and having your dryer vent professionally cleaned every year is mandatory to help prevent dryer and vent fires. Clothes dryers cause more home fires than wood burning fireplaces.

Did you know that your dryer is hands down, the most expensive appliance to run in your entire house, it is second only to your Air Conditioner! A dryer vent clogged with lint will certainly cause a dryer to run hotter and harder, costing you money by way of higher utility bills. The longer it runs the more it costs. When the vent is restricted it is overheating your dryer and damaging internal parts like the heating elements or the heat sensor safety switches and/or expensive computer-boards. A half-inch buildup of lint in a 4 inch diameter duct reduces its efficiency by almost 50%! As of this writing, the average service call from an appliance company is $200.00 and that’s just to knock on your door.

Dryer vent Cleaning and Installation

Did Your Dryer Come With A Warranty?

Most people are not aware that most of the companies that do warranty work will not replace a defective heating element until you have your dryer vent cleaned. Many insurance companies require that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned regularly.

Very few people are aware that dryer vent cleaning drastically reduces the chance of a dryer fire. However, based on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report, there’s an approximately 15,500 fires, 10 deaths and even more injuries linked to the dryer vent each year. Hundreds more people will also be the subject of carbon monoxide poisoning from improper Dyer vent cleaning. The financial costs reach nearly ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS annually. Occasionally faulty appliances are the culprit, but a majority of fires can be prevented with proper cleaning and maintenance.

Dryer Vent Cleaned – Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is a critical facet of home upkeep. Dirty duct work can make your family sick. Dirty duct work restricts airflow, causing higher energy bills, heating & amp cooling equipment failures, In case you want that produce your Air duct maintenance be great, contact us.

Dryer vent cleaning and installation

In the process of cleaning the dryer vent, the professional will look for an outside dryer vent cap that can be removed. The technician will insert a long vacuum tube and snake brush into the ventilation pipe. The vacuum will be used to remove any loose debris within the venting pipe cause blockage.

Dryer vent maintenance and air duct cleaning

We are authorized dealers of general AC and also provide Air duct cleaning and Dryer vent maintenance services in EE.UU from installation and maintenance to emergency air duct cleaning repairs including:

Air duct cleaning

Vent maintenance

Air duct maintenance


Efficient Fault Finding

Air ducts Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Solutions, we are specialists in Air Conditioning Repair, Installation and Service. Professional AC Repair & Servicing‎, Fast, Efficient Fault Finding. Professional, Well Equipped and Hygienic Air Duct Cleaning Services using the highest quality air duct cleaning in the market.

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    Matthew W,
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    Chris S