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Our Tile and Grout cleaning Services Include:

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout Clear-sealing

Stone Cleaning, Honing and Polishing

Granite Counter-Top Sealing

On-Site Consultations Available

Tile and Grout Cleaning – tile flooring service

Are your home’s tile and grout surfaces showing their age?

Is your grout dirty, no matter how much you scrub? There’s a better solution than paying for a tear-out and replacement. In most cases Steam Green Carpet Cleaning can renew the appearance of your grout lines. Our professional grade cleaning solutions and amazing power washing system remove the dirt from your grout, returning the beauty of your floor. We then seal the grout to ensure easier ongoing maintenance so that your grout continues to look its best. Bring your grout back to life now!

Grout Color-sealing

Color sealing your grout may be a recent innovation, but it is certainly not just a fad. Quality color sealers repel oil and water-based liquids, which will prevent food and beverage stains.

How We Cleaning?

Dry Soil Removal

A thorough dry vacuuming is performed to remove dry soils such as sand, food and hair from the surface.

High Grade Emulsification Treatment

A high grade cleaner is first applied to the floor area and allowed time to dwell. Then the surface is agitated to emulsify the stubborn soils on grout and tile.

Turbo Spinner Clean Tool

Now the soil has been emulsified, a high pressure water turbo spinner loosens the soil with water jets and removes the soil and water with a powerful vacuum system. Mess is contained and the floor is now clean.

Speed Drying

Powerful air movers are used to quickly dry the floor.

Professional Quality Sealing System

Tile and Grout Cleaning, The grout is now clean and dry and ready to be sealed. We only use the finest grade of impregnating sealer. The grout absorbs the sealer and increases the soiling and stain resistance of the treated grout.

How Long Does The Job Take?

An average sized floor can be cleaned and sealed in the same day. The floor can be walked on approximately 2 hours after the sealer has been applied. The floor can be used normally after a day.

The regular mopping will never reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines.

Tile and Grout cleaning.

Our proprietary hot water extraction deep cleaning method to clean out the hidden dirt and restore the luster to your floors.

Examples of Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Work


Color-Sealing Grout

Sometimes the original grout color cannot be restored after cleaning. Or we are asked to change the grout color completely. In these situations we can apply a colorseal that will transform the look of the grout and upgrade the cleanability of the grout surface for years to come.

Examples of Our Color-Sealing Work

colorseal1 before
colorseal1 after

Stone Honing and Polishing

Marble surfaces can become scratched over time and lose their shine, or damage can be sustained after acidic liquid is allowed to sit on the surface for a period of time. Juices, vinegar, wine, even water can cause etching damage of the surface that appears as a dull spot and can't be rubbed out. Diamond honing can restore the clarity and shine to your stone surfaces. Steam Green Carpet Cleaning has the ability to restore your stone surfaces and make them look brand new again.

Examples of Our Stone Honing and Polishing

polish1 before
polish1 after


  • They cleaned our carpet on March 24th. They arrived on time (early actually) and we were very pleased with the job they did on our carpets, and the cost was very reasonable.
    Matthew W,
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE! The owners of this company take a lot of pride in making sure the results are very good. We used them for our whole house and we had a lot of pet smell issues that had accumulated over the last 15 years. We didnt have the funds to buy new carpet so we thought we would try them. They were able to get the pet smell out and they even were able to get oil paint from my 2 year old out of an upstairs bedroom carpet. Would use again.
    Chris S